Newborn photography is an art. There are many different styles, so the first thing you should do is make sure your photographer's style 's right for you and your family. Then plan for the future. Newborn photos need to be taken within the first 14 days of birth. So for your own peace of mind, schedule your newborn session a few months before your due date. Trust me: the last thing you want to do right after you give birth is call newborn photographers trying to book a session. 
The Short Version:
1) Don't let your baby sleep for the two hours before the session!!! This is a must. It might be hard, but it will allow me to do my job in two peaceful hours, instead of having a five hour labor intensive session for all of us. 

2) Don't feed your baby two hours before the session. Once you can feed until the baby falls asleep.
2) Bring a pacifier (if you use one), extra diapers and a swaddle blanket.
3) Bring or wear a solid color shirt (preferably light colored) for anyone who wants to take a photo with the baby.
4) Block out 3 hours for our session.
5) Relax. If you are calm your baby will be calm.

My style:

My style is classic, soft and warm. I don't use frills or tons of color or wild props.  I like to feature a baby's new freshness with lush and rich textiles and antique, neutral props. 


Once you have your session booked:

Because babies usually come between 37-41 weeks, this is a floating date. Once your baby arrives, call, text, or email to let me know. We will then find a date that works for all parties involved. Sessions are either held at my studio or at home. If you would rather hold your session at your house, I have two requirements: a room with tons of natural light that can be heated to about 80 degrees and space. I use lots of supplies and props.


Day of session preparation:

My goal is to capture your little one's newbornness at its fullest. This phase is so short and sweet. My photos are meant to reflect this precious, fleeting time. To do this, I place your baby in sweet poses while he or she is sleeping.


The key to a successful session is peaceful calm and a sleepy baby.  I ask that parents feed their baby two hours before our session and then keep him or her awake until the session.  It can sometimes be a challenge, but this is key to having a successful session (almost all my parents say their babies are great sleepers so trust me on this). Once the session start, I will have a parent feed until the baby falls asleep.  Everything else it up to me. So you can sit back and relax. 
Sessions can take up to 3 hours so please plan on this. Bring a snack and use this time to relax. 


Parent and Sibling Photos:

I love to take newborn photos with siblings and/ or parents. If this is something you are interested in, please let me know ahead of time. Plan to wear a solid light colored shirt for this photo. Dads can go shirtless if they want. 


Prepping For Your Newborn Session